Special Interest Groups

Book Club consists of two groups
Evening Group generally meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the home of one of the members. Concentrates on reading books of quality and literary value.

Saturday Morning Group meets about 4 times a year on a Saturday at 10 AM, followed by lunch. The focus of this group is a review of American literature. They are currently reading classics from the 1940’s and later years.

Conversational Spanish. This is an informal group that meets every Mon. from 4:15 to 6:00 pm. Abilities range from beginner-plus to native speaker.

Ethnic Cuisines. This is a luncheon group interested in enjoying international cuisines. We meet at different restaurants from time to time during the year. Check the Forum for details.

Human Trafficking Committee works on ways to raise awareness about this crime, and to provide assistance to rescued victims.

Sisterhood  A sisterhood program sponsored by the Atlantic County Branch in 1996 led to the formation of an affiliate organization, STAR – Sisters Together Against Racism.This group promotes diversity and tolerance among all peoples. Branch members participate in STAR activities and attend meetings and outings.

Sunday Movie and Dinner Discussion attends selected movies on Sundays when a good movie comes to town. The movies serve as an opportunity for members to meet, see the movie and then  discuss their reactions over dinner at a local restaurant.

STEM Committee works to find ways to encourage young girls to go into the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Theater and Arts Outings attends local performing centers and theater groups offer an opportunity to experience good theater, music and art. The Stockton Performing Arts Center presents drama, musicals, ballet, and opera and also is home to the Bay-Atlantic Symphony which performs concert music on selected Sunday afternoons throughout the year. Dante Hall in Atlantic City also offers quality music and drama presentations. And the East Lynne Theater Company stages excellent performances in Cape May.

Travel Discussion Group meets monthly from September to May to discuss different aspects of traveling: where to find good tour groups, intellectually focused trips, good bargains; special hints and considerations when visiting certain countries; personal travel experiences; language study abroad; packing hints, etc.

For more information about these groups, use our contact form. We will have the interest group leader respond to you.