Officers and Committee Chairs : 2016 – 2017


Linda Harmon  and Diana Intenzo

Vice President – Programs
Karen Poorman

Lynne Walters      
Barbara Wolnerman

Beverly Schechtman

Recording               Diane Koob         

Corresponding       Terry Dailey       

State level:

Special Projects/Tech Trek                                                                    Michelle Douglass
Executive Board of Directors/ Southern District Coordinator        Linda Harmon

Committee Chairs

Policy Groups   Chairperson
Human Trafficking Debbie Davis
STEM Gail Davis
College Connections Lynne Walters
Scholarships Karen Poorman/Gail Davis
Branch Chairpersons
Digital Editing Mary Rydzewski
Roster Stella Hordes
Membership Lynne Walters
Programs Karen Poorman/Linda Harmon
Financials Beverly Schechtman
Nominating Committee Carolyn Bassett
Hospitality Aida Colon
Historian Carolyn Bassett
Public Information Loretta Scheetz
Public Policy Michelle Douglass
Woman of Distinction Tula Christopoulos
Diversity (STAR) Gail Zona/Carolyn Bassett
Community Outreach
Coordination with Cape May Branch Marion Ingram
WLI’s Reading program Joan Leavy
Children’s Theater Vicki Biron
Interest groups
Book Club Mary Lou Breidenstine
Travel Group Carolyn Bassett
Film Group Ruth Traa
Spanish Group Claire Moyer
Ethnic Cuisines Phyllis Trackman